About me

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information and Decision Sciences at College of Business Administration of University of Illinois at Chicago. My research interest is on the intersection of Machine Learning, User-generated Content and Online Markets. Specifically, my current work focuses on analyzing large-scale and heterogeneous human behaviors on various online platforms (e.g., social media, crowdfunding sites, etc.) at both individual and collective levels.

Prior to joining UIC in Fall 2015, I was a Research Staff Member at IBM Research - Almaden in San Jose, California. My research at IBM spanned social media and Human-Computer Interaction with a specific focus on user profiling and personality modeling.

I obtained my Ph.D in Computer Science at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, where I was an irresponsible student under Dr. Subbarao Kambhampati. My dissertation proposed several computational methods to study large-scale human behaviors manifested in their online footprints during public and local events. I was also fortunate to have Dr. Eric Horvitz, Dr. John Krumm, Dr. Huan Liu, and Dr. Hari Sundaram as my committee members. During my graduate school, I did several fun and fruitful internships at Microsoft Research and Avaya Labs (also a good getaway of Arizona's heat!).

My research has won best paper nominations at the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, letter of commendation from the President of Arizona State University, and multiple media attentions including WIRED, ABC, PBS, The Seattle Times, Huffington Post, FastCompany, Computer Magazine, ASU news, and Neowin. Besides, my research work has led to a running system Whoo.ly used by thousands of people for improving civic engagement in local communities and a few granted patents.

Office: UH 2407, 601 S. Morgan St. Chicago, IL 60607

E-Mail: yuhenghu at uic.edu

Twitter: @hyheng

News and Highlights

4/2016: I am going to give a tutorial on Event Analysis using Social Media at International Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, & Prediction and Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation (SBP) 2016
4/2016: My paper with Kevin Hong accepted for presentation in Annual International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2'2016) organized by Northwestern University.
3/2016: I am going to give a tutorial on Collective Sensemaking via Social Sensors at KDD'16 this August. See the program here: http://www.kdd.org/kdd2016/tutorials
3/2016: My paper on Predicting Brand Personality using Social Media data has been accepted by ICWSM'16
10/2015: We have a very strong workshop this year at ICDM'15 on Analysizing Events using Social Media Data featuring a keynote from the world-renowned researcher and practitioner Dr. Mor Naaman from Cornell and 8 research paper presentations. Say Hi to me at ICDM'15
8/2015: This Fall semester I am teaching IDS 561 Big data analytics. Course link: See Here
8/2015: Joined University of Illinois at Chicago as an assistant professor!!
5/2015: ICWSM'15 Paper on Predicting Event Engagement. Youtube Presentation: See Here, Slides: See Here
5/2015: Our work on Instagram analysis is featured in WIRED Magazine.
5/2015: I am organizing the 1st workshop on Analysizing Events using Social Media Data in conjunction with ICDM'15, due July 20th. Consider submitting your work there!
4/2015: My paper on examining the impact of social media in crowdfunding contributions has been accepted by ICIS'15, CIST'15
1/2015: This year I am on ICWSM, AAAI and IJCAI (senior) program committees. Lots of reviewing work ahead.
1/2015: I joined IBM Research Almaden as a Research Staff Member.
11/2014: I am defended my dissertation "Event Analytics on Social media: Challenges and Solutions". Now I am Dr. Hu!
10/2014: Our work on Instagram analysis is featured in ABC news!
9/2014: Our work on data cleaning for big data was accepted in IEEE BigData-14. I will present the paper in DC
03/2014: Large-scale content and user analysis of Instagram was accepted in ICWSM-14! This is the first and the only large-scale analysis of Instagram data (on millions level). Stay tuned for details.
02/2014: This year I am on ICWSM, AAAI and SIGMM program committees. Lots of reviewing work ahead.
12/2013: I defended my PhD proposal "Event Analytics on Social media: Challenges and Solutions" and advanced to the PhD candidate status.
10/2013: I received a congratulation letter on my research from Michael Crow -- the president of ASU.
09/2013: Our work on event analysis of 2012 Presidential debate were featured in ASU news and PBS Horizon show
08/2013: My work on Whoo.ly was featured in The Seattle Times, FastCompany, Computer Magazine and Neowin and more.
08/2013: Paper accepted in HComp 2013: "Herding the Crowd: Automated Planning for Crowdsourced Planning."
06/2013: Start my second internship at Microsoft Research.
03/2013: Paper accepted in IJCAI 2013: "Listen to the Crowd: Automated Analysis of Events via Aggregated Twitter Sentiment." This paper presents a matrix factorization framework which automatically characterizs an event's segments and topics in terms of the aggregate sentiments elicited on Twitter. IJCAI 2013 will be held in Aug'13 at Beijing, China.
03/2013: Paper accepted in ICWSM 2013: "Dude, srsly?: The Surprisingly Formal Nature of Twitter's Language." This is the first study on the formalness of Twitter's language in comparison to other mediums like email, blogs and newspaper. ICWSM 2013 will be held at Boston in July of this year.
02/2013: Our CHI 2013 paper "Whoo.ly: Facilitating Information Seeking For Hyperlocal Communities Using Social Media." got the Best Paper Honorable Mention.
01/2013: I was invited to be on the comittee of ICWSM, IJCAI and ACM Multimedia this year.
11/2012: Paper accepted in CHI 2013: "Whoo.ly: Facilitating Information Seeking For Hyperlocal Communities Using Social Media." This paper presents and evluates the Whoo.ly system which automatically extracts and summarizes hyperlocal information about events, topics, people, and places from Twitter posts. CHI-13 will be held in May 2013 at Paris, France.
05/2012: Start my internship with Microsoft Research.
03/2012: Paper accepted in AAAI 2012: "ET-LDA: Joint Topic Modeling for Aligning Events and their Twitter Feedback". This paper presents a joint Bayesian model that performs topic modeling and event segmentation in one unified framework. AAAI-12 will be held in July 2012 at Toronto.
02/2012: Paper accepted in ICWSM 2012: "What were the Tweets about? Topical Associations between Public Events and Twitter Feeds." This paper reveasl the nature and magnitude of the influences of the event on the corrsponding tweets over its timeline. ICWSM-12 will be held in June 2012 at Dublin, Ireland.
05/2011: Start my internship with Avaya Labs.